Wyatt Teamus

Elder Half-Brother of Lord Mason Teamus


ID: 9, CD: 8 (10 w/ shield), Comp 12, HP 9, DP 2


  • Agility 3 (2B Quickness)
  • Animal Handling 3
  • Athletics 3 (1B Climb)
  • Awareness 4
  • Cunning 2
  • Deception 2
  • Endurance 3 (1B Resilience)
  • Fighting 3 (2B Spears)
  • Healing 2
  • Language 3
  • Knowledge 2
  • Marksmanship 3 (2B Thrown)
  • Persuasion 2
  • Status 3
  • Stealth 3 (1B Sneak)
  • Survival 4 (1B Hunt, 1B Track)
  • Thievery 3
  • Warfare 2
  • Will 4 (1B Courage, 1B Dedication)

Danger Sense
Expertise (Spears)


Dagger, Frog Spear, Spear x10, Shield, Ring, Soft Leather (not using)

6 GD, Northman’s garb, Noble’s garb, Lord’s garb, Travelling garb, House Teamus signet ring, Spears x10, rope, soldier tent, pavilion tent, waterskins, flasks, torches, Teamus deck, candle, backpack, flint & steel, iron stakes, satchet, whetstone, Teamus deck of cards x10

Goal: LOVE
Motivation: DUTY

Mannerisms: Will often unconsciously look down in deferment when dealing with anyone whose status is >2.


Born to a grainer’s daughter and Jolvan Teamus, Wyatt knew his mother Alise for a brief span; she died when he was 11, of the winter sickness. She told him his father was a great knight, though poor, and that he had ridden north to take the black and defend Westeros from giants, wargs, wildlings, and other monsters that threatened the folk of the North. He believed her, and dreamed of his father’s adventures.

When Wyatt came of age, he put aside those dreams and went to work in his grandparent’s mill, his build growing strong as he handled bags of grain and pushed the great grinding wheel when the creek did not provide enough power. He is 19 years old, broad-shouldered and a true Northman in blood and demeanour. His features are very similar to Lord Jolvan’s, and any who knew the late Lord Teamus when he was a lad would say that Wyatt is his twin.

Found and saved by House Teamus, Wyatt was recognized by his father before he died, and is now a true member of the house. While the elder son, he prefers to leave the responsibilities of the house to Mason, but he is very loyal and thankful for his new-found family, and would easily step in if needed, although very naive to the intrigue of politics.

Wyatt Teamus

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