Lord Callion Hebet

Nephew of Lord Grammond on his mother's side


With no children of his own, Lord Grammond adopted young Callion as his sole heir several years ago. However, Grammond has begun to spend money on women, wine, and gambling at an alarming
rate. The young nobleman has tried in vain to convince his uncle to give him part of his inheritance now, before it is all spent. His uncle simply responded that Callion would receive whatever was left after life was enjoyed to the full, even if that meant inheriting his uncle’s growing debts.

Fury has brewed in Callion for many months. Agents continue to send reports of his uncle’s lavish spending, indicating the debts are mounting and will soon force Grammond to sell his land—Callion’s inheritance—to meet them. Callion cannot, will not, accept being left with a debt he did not incur and intends to make sure there is something left for him to inherit.


Lord Callion Hebet

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