Lady Roxanne Coldair

A noblewoman in the Reach


Like many nobles, the lady’s son is bored. He has no ambition to join the army, little skill at estate management, and certainly has no desire to soil his hands by actually working for a living. To help pass the time he gambles—heavily.

While on a jaunt in Highgarden a few weeks ago, he entered a high-stakes card game. Also partaking in that game was Lord Grammond. The betting grew steadily heavier and heavier, until a vast fortune was wagered. Grammond won, though not through fair means. Unable to prove Grammond cheated or meet his debts, the young nobleman had little choice but to write a promissory note.

On learning of the looming financial disaster, Lady Roxanne wrote to Grammond, only to discover
he had set sail for Westeros. Unwilling to reveal the existence of the promissory note, she promptly set sail after him, intent on ensuring the note is destroyed, believing Grammond carried it among his personal papers.


Lady Roxanne Coldair

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