Eryk Martell

Third Cousin to Doran Martell and member of Lewyn Sand's army


ID: 11, CD: 12, Comp 9, HP 9, DP 1



  • Agility 4 (3B Quickness)
  • Animal Handling 2
  • Athletics 4 (2B Strength)
  • Awareness 4 (1B Notice)
  • Cunning 4
  • Deception 2
  • Endurance 3 (1B Resilience)
  • Fighting 4 (3B Polearms, 2B Longblades)
  • Healing 2
  • Language 3
  • Knowledge 2
  • Marksmanship 2
  • Persuasion 3 (3B Intimidate)
  • Status 3
  • Stealth 2
  • Survival 3
  • Thievery 2
  • Warfare 4 (1B Strategy, 1B Tactics)
  • Will 4 (1B Dedication)

Blood of the Rhoyne

Dagger, Left-hand Dagger, Superior Halberd, Ring Mail

GD:10 SS:134, Boots, shoes, common, longsword, flint & steel, myrish lens, soldier’s tent, sand steed, courser, 2 snake bite anti-venom, rope.

Virtue: Devoted, Vice: Cruel, Wrathful
Goal: Security, Motivation: Peace


Eryk Martell is a 3rd cousin to Doran Martell. His parents were killed by the Mad King when they petitioned the king to open the granaries. He was left alone for a year before Doran heard that he survived. Doran took him in and tried to have the child reared in his household. Before long, others realized Eryk was a ruthless boy and was often mean to his siblings and members of the household. He would rarely play games with others as a child, as most children his age could not tolerate his overly unkind behavior. As such, he grew up virtually friendless. Doran would scold and often even whip him for his cruelty and rehearsed to him the importance of fealty to family. Doran’s lessons did not go unheeded. Soon, he became fiercely loyal to his family and allies. If anyone ever crossed members of his family, he would seek them out and “punish” them brutality. Doran’s many whippings, however, left Eryk even more cruel and withdrawn. Like a dog who’s become fierce and violent under an unforgiving master’s hand.

Unfortunately for Eryk, his cruel nature never made him successful with the ladies and his advances were often in vain. His only success has been a result of coin and not tact. As such, Eryk has fathered no children to his knowledge; and it is rumored that moon tea has ended any chances for Eryk to have fathered an heir.

His demeanor suited him well as a merciless warrior. Eryk favored halberds as he could smash a man’s skull with one steady strike and he has been known to even sweep the legs out from under a horse and rider. His cruelty served well in combat. Often he would incite or threaten others to be fearful or angry causing them to make poor decisions in the heat of battle, therefore, leaving him the victor. He would use his heartless nature to torture the victims of his conquests so he could intimidate his foes into submission. Within time, Doran recognized his dark gifts and placed him command of his own troupe.

He realized that his sinister nature did not serve well for leadership and over time, his cruelty lessened, his demeanor lightened, and his mannerisms tapered enough so that others could tolerate his actions. Although others endured him, inwardly, he remained as coldhearted as ever.
At present, Doran sent Eryk to keep a watchful eye on his family… in the north… Lewyn Sand.

Eryk Martell

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