Eddard “Eddwarf” Karstark

Mysterious Stranger from House Karstark


ID: 10, CD: 10, Comp 9, HP 9, DP 2


Agility 4 (2B Quickness, 3B Acrobatics) Animal Handling 2 Athletics 3 Awareness 4 Cunning 3 Deception 3 Endurance 3 Fighting 5 (2B Fencing) Healing 2 Language 3 (Braavosi 1) Knowledge 2 Marksmanship 2 Persuasion 3 Status 3 Stealth 3 (1B Sneak) Survival 2 Thievery 3 Warfare 2 Will 3

Danger Sense
Braavosi Fighter I
Acrobatic Defense
Water Dancer
Armor Mastery

Flaw: Healing
Cruel Insanity

Braavosi Blade
LH Dagger
Soft Leather Armor

955 ss (4gd (in boot) 135ss (in coin purse)) AND: flask (2ss), iron stakes & lamp & rope & pouch (1ss), lantern (2ss), satchet (1ss), soldier’s tent (5ss), whetstone & waterskin (1ss), artisan/craftsman’s garb (5ss), entertainer’s garb (4ss), traveler’s garb (3ss)

Goal: Power
Motivation: Greed
Virtue: Honest
Vice: Arrogant


Eddard “Eddwarf” Karstark is the son of Arthor Karstark, who is the son of Arnolf Karstark who is the uncle of Rickard Karstark, the lord of Karhold. Arthor Karstark, a first cousin to lord Rickard, has three sons, of which Eddwarf is the youngest and the smallest. Though Eddard is not technically a dwarf, he is short enough that anyone who wishes to insult him will always lead with “dwarf”. He rarely responds to this insult with any sort of grace. As he grew, he became increasingly angry and confrontational. He upset many people with his temper and eventually the nickname “Eddwarf” was used behind his back almost without exception. Having almost no shot of ever gaining lordship of Karhold and being fed up with being called a dwarf, Eddard Karstark left Westeros at age 17 for Pentos where he felt he could start anew.

In Pentos, Eddard’s initial experiences were not good. He arrived with some money and letters from home and was hoping to gain service with some of the richer merchants or royalty in Pentos. Though he wasn’t really sure how the hierarchy worked across the narrow sea, it ended up a moot point because he was mugged and robbed on the docks the night of his arrival.
To make ends meet, he ended up working in a mummer’s troupe that soon left town. They travelled the free cities and Eddard, because of his size and much to his chagrin, worked as a tumbler with the dwarves in the troupe. By the time the troupe reached Braavos, Eddard’s anger and self-hatred had exceeded any reason he may have had for continuing his life in its current course.

Eddard quit the troupe and remained in Braavos, adopting the name Eddy. Unfamiliar with the city, Eddy found himself outside one night fighting an unprovoked Bravos. Using his tumbling skills and relying heavily upon luck, Eddy managed to kill the young – and likely inexperienced – Bravos and took his sword as plunder.

Eddard hardened as he grew into manhood. He was quite depressed and angry and fought without regard for his own life. His tumbling experienced allowed him to survive much longer than any other novice normally could during a fight and he thus needed fewer fights to hone his skills. He did not escape the training-by-fire unscathed however, and he has enough scars on his face and upper-body that he is easily recognizable.

Now, at age 24, Eddy can no longer stay in Braavos because of the reputation he’s earned as a fighter and as a heartless, cruel man. He’s worked all these years as a hired sword. Since his profession does require a lot of travel, Eddy has never quite felt at home in Braavos anyway.

Drawn by the lure of gold, Eddy has come to King’s Landing for the Tourney of the Hand. He hopes to join up with the Stark contingent. He anticipates gaining acceptance either through his name or through his ability with a sword. He plans to unveil his prowess in the grand melee, whether with House Stark or another.

Eddard “Eddwarf” Karstark

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