Albert Tanner

Fortune and Glory, Fortune and Glory


Albert Tanner is a tomb raider. Several years ago, Grammond hired Tanner to guide an expedition
in search of an ancient gold hoard. The expedition was successful, and a vast treasure was recovered, among which was a fabulous gem the size of a man’s fist. The total amount of gold and lesser gems paled next to that one, exquisite item. According to their deal, when the party returned to the Reach, Grammond and Tanner would divide the treasure, all of it, equally. On a stormy night, Grammond and his men silently departed. By the time Tanner discovered their disappearance the next morning, the dogs were already far away. Tanner had been double-crossed in a
carefully laid plan. Tanner made several attempts to contact Grammond, but all were curtly rebuffed. More by luck than judgment, Tanner learned of Grammond’s attendance at the tournament and set sail to reclaim either the gem or, in the event it has been sold, half its value.


Albert Tanner

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