Tourney of the Hand

Snakes on a Boat

October 4th

The party receives a summons from King Robert to attend the Tourney of the Hand, in celebration of Eddard Stark’s new position.

At the docks of Breakeven Bay, the party runs into a former Volantene mercenary leader named Cullurio. They decide to give him a second chance, and he is made first mate on the Cunning Stunts, one of Lewyn Sand’s war galleys. Fiona Blackthumb is not welcome on board.

On board the galley, the party learns that former captain Jackalope had allegedly left a crate with two hibernating tame Black Asps on board. The party acted quickly, before word got out which could cause a mutiny, to hunt down the snake and kill it. It’s mate was found in the crate, its head bashed in by an unlucky crew member.

The rest of the trip allowed them to speedily arrive in King’s Landing and sign up for the lists.

Knife throwing – Lewyn Sand, Mason Teamus
Axe throwing – Flynn Blackpeddle, Mason Teamus
Grand Melee – Lewyn Sand, Eryk Martell, Flynn Blackpeddle
Archery – Mason Teamus, Phineas Black

Phineas being Fiona Blackthumb using an assumed name since women aren’t allowed to enter the lists.

They then continued to set up their pavilion, and have a week before the tournament begins.



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