Tourney of the Hand


October 18th-19th mid-day

Flynn conserves his energy by guarding the pavilion tent.

Eryk sets forth into King’s Landing on a specific quest, but soon finds all of the gold he was carrying stolen. Luckily, had some set by in his tent.

Mason, Lewyn & Wyatt head for The Crying Wolf, a haven for northmen. They spend the day listening to rumors, playing jank, and enjoying drinks. On the way they encounter a wild carriage, which slammed into the stall of an elderly woman. The party does not to attempt to stop the carriage, but Wyatt does attempt to chase it. The old woman begs Mason for assistance, which he offers later, and continues on his merry way. Upon returning, they find the old woman laid out on a blanket, waiting patiently, but they sneak by without her noticing.

During this day, Fiona walks about in disguise, making her acting character known to the tournament patrons.

Upon returning, Lewyn finds a naked Dornish woman in his tent. She seduces him, and then demands payment which she was promised. Lewyn knocks her unconscious, after which Fiona finds out and starts combat with Lewyn. Wyatt and Mason attempt to restor order, to the bemusement of several household guards of house Grammond nearby. Lewyn takes his goods and goes back to his docked galley. The next day, the party marches the woman back to her “house of ill-repute” and attempt to make a deal with the proprietor. They are on their way back…

Meanwhile, Lewyn comes to the tourney grounds alone, looking for “Rat Tail”, whom he has summoned.



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